I am a writer and photographer. My love of books began very early, so much so that my mother noted in my baby album: “Rachael loves to look at books. If she has to choose between candy and books, she’ll take books, but would rather have both. Still, books are her favorite.” It continues to be true, although replace candy with wine.  (Also, at 10 1/2 months: “She mocks her family.” Also, still true.)  

Interest in photography began at the age of eight when I got my first camera by saving up enough Weekly Reader Paperbucks* to earn it, and have been snapping away ever since. Much to the delight of my family and friends, who groan when asked to pose yet again for another photo. 

I was born in New Mexico, and spent most of my childhood in Colorado and England. Currently, I reside in Texas. Married. Two kids. Multiple pets. I earned a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston, and a dual MLA in English, and Irish Studies from the University of St. Thomas.

My published writing and photography credits include Houstonia, "The Texas Poetry Calendar 2019",  Sonderers, Thoroughfare, Laurels, The Color Spectrum Project, and the Creative Women Unite’s 2014 art exhibit, “Visions: Empowerment in Bloom.” My essay, "Finding My Voice" was shortlisted in the 2018 Memoir Magazine #MeToo Essay Award.


*Weekly Readers were weekly newspapers for school children, covering current events. The Paperbucks were part of the Weekly Reader Bookclub. For every book you purchased, you earned a Paperbuck which could then be redeemed for specialty items, such as posters, dolls, and cameras.




All photos on this site were taken by Rachael Holliday.